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jimbo83478 2012-08-14 20:48

Figure Export not working
Figure doesn't seem to export my previous recordings (more than a day old?)...does anyone else have this issue, or a fix for this issue?

Farull 2012-08-15 15:36


I think I need more information to track down your problem. Can you please explain in more detail what you do, and what you expect to happen?

/ Fredrik - Figure Team

tbushell 2012-08-25 04:03

I just tried export for the first time, and see the same problem.

Exported 10 or 15 songs I've created, and don't see a single one of them in iTunes.

tbushell 2012-08-25 04:12

I used the free DiskAid program to get the files off my iPad, so that's an option until Propellerhead fixes this bug.

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