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Whagi 2012-08-16 21:42

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

I want to upgrade my hardware from my current RME Babyface to the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56.

Is anyone using one of these audio interfaces with Reason 6 on a iMac?

Just so I know there are no issues.


wolfman311music 2012-08-16 21:46

It should work just fine. I primarily use it on my pc but my macbook pro runs it perfectly. It is a beast of an interface!!!!

Whagi 2012-08-16 21:51

Cool, is that on Mountain Lion also? ...sorry for all the questions. Just want to make sure its fine before I splash the cash :O)

wolfman311music 2012-08-16 22:11

No worries man. No i am on Lion. I would highly advise not upgrading for at least a few months. I didn't go to Lion for about a year. Wait until the manufacturer approves Mt. Lion before upgrading. If you have already upgraded i guess we'll find out. Check focusrite's forums too for people that might have already tried.

Whagi 2012-08-16 22:40

Many thanks for the replies.

mendoza84 2012-08-16 23:32

Would definitely recommend the 56, had mine for a year and i'm still super impressed with it. The two liquid preamps are very sweet and give you a lot to play with, the other six are fairly transparent... Even the two headphone outputs are impressive- really low noise and also able to satisfactorily drive pretty much any pair of headphones i've plugged in. The routing options are amazing. Been using it on a MacBook pro running OSX10.6.8. I still haven't upgraded to lion though....

Whagi 2012-08-17 00:14

Thank you, I really appreciate all this feedback. Will pick one up on payday :O)

Whagi 2012-08-18 16:51

Got it, works awesome:

Here she is in her new home: CLICK >>>

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