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interalia 2012-08-19 23:50

Guitar Desert
Okay, as a guitarist, admittedly, I am incapable of expressing a balanced view here, however, despite Reason's almost infinite control and general ease of use, when it comes to setting up a broad range of challenging guitar sounds from scratch, it requires an epic investment of time.

Now I know that us guitarists are notoriously picky about getting just the right sound, however, we are also just as committed to instant gratification. Attention span is not our thing and we just want to get down to ripping out some great chops, with a great sound as quickly as possible.

Reason is not the easiest beast to play with for this purpose and I have to admit that something as fairly basic as Fender Fuse is infinitely superior for guitarists to play around with insofar as basic guitar sound creation is concerned.

So what about a rack component that allows guitarists to add stomp pedals and modulation units as part of the creation process. Really stomp pedals and modulation units are familiar to guitarists so it makes sense for us plucky pickers to fiddle with a GUI that looks like a stomp box. It would also be nice to be able to choose the signal path of the setup, so for example I could change the order that the signal is processed by just dragging the stomp box to a different place in the line.

The devices in Reason are great, but are less accessible (though perhaps more configurible) than a variety of different overdrive, fuzz, wah-wah,chorus pedals, ring modulators and the like. I am talking unashamedly from the biased viewpoint of a guiarist here and I do appreciate that the Reason devices were created for a broader spectrum of musicians.

These days, I find that when recording with reason, I am more likely to mic-up my own amplifier where I can achieve just the right sound that I am looking for, rather than use Reason's tool set (other than for post processing and mastering).

This is a bit frustrating particularly as I often would like to record late at night, but cannot fire up the amplifier after 10pm. It would have been nice just to plug into balance and achieve the same range of sounds (effortlessly) in reason so that I could record and develop ideas late into the night without disturbing anyone.

So what about it guys, can us guitarists have a rack component just for us?

Phil513 2012-08-20 23:22

Agreed, i'd like to see more quality stuff for guitar players, and more options.

ryszard 2012-08-21 04:41

I didn't even know R6 had provision for guitars and basses when I got it. Anyway, I cheated and got a Roland V-Guitar VG-88 Mk. II. It represents an army of guitars through an army of amps and speakers and all common effects, plus altered tunings, some key and synth sounds, etc., etc. It goes straight to the console, so I never have to worry about volume. (I live in a rental unit, too.) It's not cheap. The newer VG-99 offers more (two simultaneous guitar patches and pitch to MIDI conversion) but is significantly more expensive. Ah, well.

I expect that Props or RE vendors will, over time, offer more specialized solutions for guitarists and bassists. Until then I chose the most elegant solution I knew of.


P.S.: I have a killer metal guitar track that I recorded many years ago (on tape!) that I recorded through a mic'ed amp in an apartment at 2:00 a.m. at whisper volume. You cannot tell it from a Marshall stack in full cry. :cool:

TunedAgent 2012-08-21 23:43

I'll bite...

Join the club Op. There are many of us who think like you do.

If you play guitar, then you most likely have a handful of pedals laying around. Treat the stock Line6 device like a simple amp sim, and chain your pedals first. Amazing tones can happen.

Lokeyfly 2012-08-22 05:55

+1 for 10,000 guitarists (if you don't mind)
+1 from on that.
Even for one PITA production consious guitarist who is anal about their sound. Please add a rack module that guitarists can have a variety of amp heads, cabinets, mic settings, signal splits, amp biasing, tube switching, and so on. Heavy emphasis on quality, pleeeease!

You know, the same kind of goodies that are in Kong for the drummers you thankfully did so well, only now something on the same order for guitarists. Even throw in the ability to create an acoustic guitar emulation. Guitarists are a creative bunch. Give us a creative rack module. A knob where the strumming or plectrum can be subtly altered (even to finger softness), or 2nd mic is located at the neck, sound board, inside such as piezo pickup at the bridge, emulate nylon strings. You know, get silly!

With all respect to Line 6 who I'm sure make a fine product, some of us are looking for more options.

Do something special for the guitarists who want to remain loyal to Reason. Something that allows us to at 2:00am create something acoustically appealing, or get a screaming, biting lead, while letting others sleep.

Thank you Props, and please go back to doing whatever it is that you do.

Hotmitts 2012-08-22 11:30

Line 6 have been so weird as a company towards Reason integration, it'd be good to see some alternatives.

Lokeyfly 2012-08-25 06:43

Uh, other guitarists? How about it?
Feel free to jump in. Do you want more from Reason for the guitar in the rack.
And have it be designed from Propellerhead?

Tryggvasson 2012-08-25 21:36

I can't say I disagree. Maybe some emulators for some world famous landmark combos would be more than welcome.

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