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ghostclawz 2012-08-22 05:47

Blocks mode buttons not visible.
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Hi guys. When im working with Blocks mode, i can select a block and draw in what instruments i want to put in and then draw it in, in Song mode. Problem is.. The next time i select another block and try to draw it in song mode, it still draws whatever was selected in the first block. I hope that makes sense. Ive watched a few tutorials and have noticed that on this other guys reason, theres buttons on top of the sequencer such as Time Signature, Pattern/Loop and then Blocks, and this is where he selects them. Anyone know how i can get these buttons active to eliminate the problem??

ghostclawz 2012-08-22 08:54

Its ok guys i got it. To activate these buttons, you select the pencil tool from song mode. Thanks. Peace.

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