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muren 2012-08-26 18:07

Changing tracks via MIDI
Evening all...

I'm trying to work out how to change tracks (in the sequencer, in Rv6.5) via a MIDI foot controller (specifically, a NI RigKontrol), with the view to recording on one track, then switching to and recording on the next track... and I'm having a hard time working it out... if anybody could lend a hand or make a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated!

Also, shameless plug, you're all invited over to my music pages... everything was produced on Reason... except the singing and the guitars!

Here's the links:

I hope you like what you hear...


ROOTROCK13 2012-08-27 06:55

In Reason go Menu > Options > Addintional Remote Overrides and assign the following to your midi controller:
- target next track;
- target previous track;
- see others, maybe you need something else to control.

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