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elgrayso 2012-08-27 08:09

Reason 6.5 "Favorites"- file locations?
thanks in advance for any help you may offer!

I have Reason set up to where I have "favorites" (patches I can access easily). I want to transfer the data that specifies my "favorite" list to another computer so i don't have to individually find each patch and organize it into my favorites all over again.

I understand that this is meta-data in the preferences somewhere. i'm not asking how to transfer the patches THEMSELVES, only how to transfer the data that tells reason which patches I have in my "favorites." and I realize that i will need the same patches for it to link to them correctly.

I have researched this and found that there are ".favo" files in the library. these seem exactly like what I am looking for (files that have meta data specifying which patches are my favorites) and I was able to find them on my 10.6.7 OSX laptop using Reason 5. They were in the user library [Mac HD>Users>user_name>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>Reason].
To clarify, this "user" library folder is different from the "system" library which is located at [Mac HD>Library].

However, I don't use this laptop much anymore, I just mentioned it to explain what i am LOOKING for. My iMac is the actual computer that I use and have my favorites organized in. It is 10.7.3 OSX using Reason 6.5. The problem on my iMac is that when I go to [Mac HD>Users>user_name] there is NO "Library" folder in it! And when I do a search for ".favo" nothing comes up. I was able to find the same "Propellerhead Software" folder in the SYSTEM library [Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>] but inside of it there was NO "Reason" folder!

Where is Reason storing my "favorites"??

elgrayso 2012-09-01 01:50

Alright, I figured it out.
Starting with Lion, the OSX keeps the user library hidden. To access it go to Finder>Go>Go to Folder> and then type in "~/Library". From there go to /Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Reason and you will see the .favo files just like normal. Hopefully this helps anyone who had the same problem.

n0ahg 2012-09-01 02:48

A search would have told you this, sorry you had to work it out yourself :(

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