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guitfnky 2012-08-27 15:46

automatic "pre-punching" for recording
this would be SUPER helpful for me. what I'm talking about is this (and this all assumes I've got the count-in/pre-roll set to on):

if I have my cursor snapped to the start of the section I want to start recording in, currently if I hit the record button, I'll hear my count in and the recording begins right at the moment the actual track starts playing. so, if I come in a touch early on a really great take, it cuts off the portion of the note that happened before it switched from just the pre-roll into the playback, and there's no way to retreive that lost information.

what I'd like to see is for the system to start recording maybe an 8th or 16th note before where the cursor is. I envision that the clip itself would appear just as it does now (starting right at the cursor), but that if you needed to, you could simply drag the left handle of the clip to include the portion of the attack that would've otherwise been cut off.

this would be awesome, as I wouldn't have to always put the cursor a bar before where I want to start in order to make sure nothing is cut off.

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