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elitron 2012-08-29 23:43

Massive in Reason
It would be amazing, and would make Reason the perfect DAW, if it had Massive. Massive as a Rack Extension would be incredible.

pushedbutton 2012-08-30 01:03

Massive what? They already said there's no porn in prop's products. Anyhow, sure they're nice to look at but how do you get a tune out of them? Bongos?


Auditory 2012-08-30 01:38

yeah i made a thread about this a month back that got quite popular. But yeah massive in reason would be amazing

Pat303 2012-08-30 11:56


Originally Posted by elitron (Post 1125078)
It would be amazing

It would indeed, but I don't think NI have any plans to release Rack Extensions. I think they'd rather keep potential customers buying direct from their own suite of products.

At least for the time being...

indyv 2012-08-30 15:08

NI working on RE's would be KILLER. Imagine if there was a Traktor RE? We could have live scratching in reason. and all the traktor effects. We could probably even DJ a whole set into Reason, and have the timegrid automated at the same time with every timestretch! I hope one day NI comes around. They make really good software.

pushedbutton 2012-08-30 18:22

But let's face it, it's as likely as Porsche Testarossa.

xqtion 2012-09-05 08:44

+1 for Massive as RE !!!!!

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