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PaulyRat 2012-08-31 08:08

New User - Guitar Effects
I have taken several months since getting reasons essentials to get all the hardware setup and have kind of figured out how to navigate around. The set up was pretty smooth. But as I didn't know anything about using an actual mixer before I bought Reason Essentionals with a Balance interface. So after getting the software going, I realized it's really not the right software if you didn't know anyting about mixers before hand. But now we're here. And the mic works and the midi keyboard works; and the guitar kind of works, in that a signal goes in and comes out and sounds like the guitar. No buttons in the FX section of the mixer affect the sound of the guitar. I've watched all the tutorials and looked at the documentation. What combination of the very very many buttons in the mixer causes the sound of the guitar to change? It's extremely frustrating as everything seems to go according to the book, except the sound does not chaange. Thanks. Paul

ryszard 2012-08-31 10:22

Another guitarist here. Experienced audio engineer but relatively new to Reason also. Note that I am using Reason 6.02 and not Essentials, so I'm not certain how much of what follows will apply.

I assume you're talking about the main (SSL) mixer, yes? Using send effects is a little more difficult than using insert effects which you simply chain in series between your instrument and the mixer like stomp boxes. For send effects to work in Reason like you want they have to be in the rack and not connected to other instruments.

Use the hotkeys F5 and F6 simultaneously to see the mixer and the rack at the same time. Now adjust the mixer view so that you can see the FX section of the mixer. The names of the effects in the rack will appear in the FX RETURN column. If there are no device names, then no effects are connected. Click the large numbered buttons in the guitar's channel strip to switch effects in and out.

Since you will probably be using the same effects for many projects I suggest you create a template so that Reason will open with the same effects each time.

I sincerely hope that I have actually answered your question, done so correctly, and that the answers are understandable. If not we'll get plenty of help here shortly. :cool: Hang in there--it's seriously worth it.



OMOMs 2012-08-31 14:09

when I first got Record in 2009 I didn't know anything about mixing consoles either, but from working with the SSL emulation made me understand quite a lot, that previously was meaningless gibber to me.
so definitely hang in there, you might learn years worth of school within a relatively short time.

If you want to use effects on the mixer be aware of how you want to apply the effect.
Something like a reverb or delay echo effect is classically applied as send effect. You can do that in the green section right above the level fader: there are eight green knobs and eight buttons next to them. To create a send effect right click on one of the empty spaces in the master section right above the master fader, and select "create send effect". after doing that make sure to check out the rack and see what exactly has happened, as that way you learn more.
How a send effect works could be explained like this.
An activated send channel will tap your signal and send it to the desired effects unit and then return it to the mixer, where it will blend with the rest of your mix. By turning the knob in the send section of your guitar channel, you adjust the level of the tapped signal; you set the 'input gain' for the effects unit.
But if you want to use the Line 6 Guitar amp you'd go for the insert section, which is right on top of the send section. click on the little open icon to chose a patch that contains the desired effect. now the four blue knobs control the effect inside the mix channel.
Here in particular check out whats happening in the rack! This is where you learn all the important and the fun bits.
have fun

guitfnky 2012-08-31 18:39

just in case it wasn't covered, the most important thing you need to know to affect a live signal is to make sure you've got the little speaker-y icon of the audio track enabled in the sequencer track (just to the right of the record-enable button). if that little guy isn't green, you're only listening to how your guitar sounds as it's going into the computer.

Redster930 2012-08-31 21:09

Don't get confused with trying to use the mixer to change your guitar sound. You need to use an insert effect on an audio track, and reason has the line 6 guitar amps to play with. YAY!

1. Open a new song.
2. In the arrange page right click and select create audio track. Choose the correct input in the drop down menu and maybe even tune your guitar here if you like.
3. When you are in tune and can hear your guitar, press F6 to open the rack and notice that the new audio track has created a new device in the rack. This new device is called a mix channel and is tied to the track you just created and has also created a new fader in the mixer.
4. Click the little arrow button to the far left of the device to expand the device.
5. Then click the little down arrow named show insert effects and an empty box will open below the device.
5. Right click in the empty box and select studio effects>Line 6 guitar amp.

The amp effect will open in the new device and you can fiddle with it. Cool huh?

Once you have got your head around this, watch this:

You are well on your way now, and you are going to love it :)

reasoner498 2012-08-31 21:52

Here's an Essential 1.0.2 file that has some audio tracks with various combos of insert and send effects. You can solo each track to hear the effects, and look at how everything is configured.

Ligumo 2012-08-31 22:18

Ever since guitars were welcomed into Reason, what I've thought it needs is a device exactly like a BOSS GT3 multi FX pedal including delays and reverbs, so that guitarists can get up and running quickly with a device that's familiar to them. Even including reverbs and delays - get close to the sound you want quickly while the inspiration is there and then polish up later.

Redster930 2012-08-31 23:57

That'll be the FBV shortboard then. Look here at 3 min 11 seconds.

I bought one last week and it is better than this vid makes it look.

XSTmusic 2012-09-01 03:00

Click the speaker icon as said above...

And second, get a hardware guitar processor like a GT-10 or something... those Line 6 sims are garbage (or use another DAW and try Lepou's free vsts)

I love to track in Reason, it's great. But it's not for real editing nor for any amp sim. Great for mixing and perfect combined with ReWire mode

Redster930 2012-09-01 16:13


Originally Posted by XSTmusic (Post 1126981)
And second, get a hardware guitar processor like a GT-10 or something... those Line 6 sims are garbage

Garbage is a bit strong. They are no Guitar Rig for sure, and the clean tones do lack, but they sit well in a mix and work well as part of a thought out combinator.

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