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PaulyRat 2012-08-31 08:08

New User - Guitar Effects
I have taken several months since getting reasons essentials to get all the hardware setup and have kind of figured out how to navigate around. The set up was pretty smooth. But as I didn't know anything about using an actual mixer before I bought Reason Essentionals with a Balance interface. So after getting the software going, I realized it's really not the right software if you didn't know anyting about mixers before hand. But now we're here. And the mic works and the midi keyboard works; and the guitar kind of works, in that a signal goes in and comes out and sounds like the guitar. No buttons in the FX section of the mixer affect the sound of the guitar. I've watched all the tutorials and looked at the documentation. What combination of the very very many buttons in the mixer causes the sound of the guitar to change? It's extremely frustrating as everything seems to go according to the book, except the sound does not chaange. Thanks. Paul

illCarl 2012-08-31 08:56

Hi Paul

When you say "No buttons in the FX section of the mixer affect the sound of the guitar" this is mainly because you first have to create and assign an effect to those buttons. I kinda understand your frustration, but then again it doesn't sound like you looked up anything in the manual. If you just go through the most basic sections of the manual, you will realise how easy it is to work with reason.

I would suggest you start with a simple insert effect:

From the Reason Essentials manual (Page 339)
Adding Insert effects
To add an effect device as an insert effect, proceed as follows:
1. Select a channel strip in the Main Mixer, a Mix Channel or Audio Track device in the rack, or an audio track or
Mix Channel track in the sequencer.
2. Select the desired effect device from the Create menu or from the context menu.
The effect device is created and automatically routed in the Insert FX container in the channel's rack device.

I would suggest you plug in your guitar, create a mix chanel for it and insert a Line 6 Amp as insert effect. You'll see how easy it is. And do really really read the manual, it will help you a lot :)

reasoner498 2012-08-31 09:47

Here's an Essential 1.0.2 file that has some audio tracks with various combos of insert and send effects. You can solo each track to hear the effects, and look at how everything is configured.

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