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kingdubrock 2012-09-02 02:30

Im surprised there hasnt been more discussion, positive or negative about this RE.
For better or worse its the best synth RE we'll probably see for a long time.
Im not blown away, but imo its a huge improvement over Thor's VA sound.

I have read a couple of comments where people lament that it cant "do" anything Thor can't. But to my mind it isnt a matter of bells and whistles as much as SQ.

If you simply load up a saw and a 24 db LPF with a bit of res on both predator and Thor, sweep the filter atound and compare them, to me its significant if not night and day. The sound of the oscillator itself is a bit more open and relaxed and the filter is far closer to analog synths I have worked with imo. (although doesnt quite match DIVA or DCAM)
I find the reverb on Predator disappointing, however there are some wicked new RE's that make up for that.

So for straight VA i find Predator a valuable addition. Thor's PPG-like wavetable module is very nice and I think offers more workable waveforms than most of the spectral ones in Predator though.

Compared to what else is available in Reason I give it 4 stars (all othes being 3 or below). Compared to whats available outside of reason Id have to go with 3-3.5 unfortunately (which is saying something I guess, about how I feel about Reasons synthesis capabilities overall).

What do others think?

koma7 2012-09-02 03:08

If you go over to the user forum you'll find that people won't shut up about the damn rack extensions :P

Upright 2012-09-02 03:09

You're not impressed? What would it take to "impress" you?

Benedict 2012-09-02 06:01

I guess one of the things here is that with past upgrades we got new devices whether we wanted them or not. I have no opinion on Dr OctoRex as have never even launched one. But I don't feel like I am missing anything or been let down by some value equation because I just never even cared. I have no reason to care.

Alligator I wasn't really looking forward to but it has become something I am happy to play with from time to time. This I can do without stressing over value because I got it too. I can use it simply because it is there. Again no expectations and I like it just fine and get good value as I didn't upgrade to Reason X for it.

REs so far I feel pressured over. I can use em without restraint in a track which is fine but I know in 30 days they are pffft. That doesn't let me get to know them at my leisure so the dynamic is different.

I'm not lobbying or anything, but maybe if we got RE the way we do for 30 days and then they went to 20 mins like the Reason Demo?

Either way things are different and we need to take time to get used to the new (VST like) dynamic. Even if it means being an RE Denier and refusing to open the Shop!


kingdubrock 2012-09-02 07:48


Originally Posted by sovietdoll (Post 1127671)
If you go over to the user forum you'll find that people won't shut up about the damn rack extensions :P

Ah, so it is. For some reason I always seem to come to the general forum and dont really check the rest. Apologies.

kingdubrock 2012-09-02 07:57


Originally Posted by Upright (Post 1127672)
You're not impressed? What would it take to "impress" you?

I said Im not blown away, but I was actually very complimentary. I think it might actually be the best thing to happen to Reason so far. But outside of Reason, its a different playing field. Its not that it isnt a great synth but it has fierce competition.
Unfortunately U-he has ruined me for other synths. They really impress me. When I say ruined, I mean I can barely listen to my large (and not inexpensive) collection of synth plugins anymore.

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