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damienplus 2012-09-03 20:43

new pc or mac computer for pops
Dear Propellerhead Forums,

My dad and I are both Reason 6.5 owners and we have been using 7 year old AMD based Windows PC's. I just finally took the plunge and bought myself a new Asus N53SM i7 laptop with 16 GB of 1600 MHz RAM. With the added ram, tax, and shipping, I spent about $1000. After turning the Windows UI down a bit it is running Reason without a hiccup, burp, or blink. Basically flawless.

Dad has been hitting me up for advice on what to buy. As a fan of both PC's and Mac's I visited the Apple website to customize a laptop with the same basic specs as the Asus I just bought. With an i7 processor and 16GB RAM, the Mac laptop came out to $2399. Since budget is an issue, I am just about ready to recommend my dad buy a Windows 7 based laptop.

I am just assuming that Reason 6.5 will do best with the extra RAM and CPU speed. My question for you people here in the forums is regarding whether or not the basic Mac laptops are sufficient. While I would like to recommend my dad switch to Mac, I fear his budget just will not allow him to buy a Mac that would be adequate for Reason.

I need help understanding what bottlenecks he might hit on a modern, yet basic-configured Mac. I need to draw upon others' experience with this to help understand which computer to suggest for him. His workflow is very old-school with emphasis on multiple audio tracks in the full-fledged DAW tradition.

Example: would he be better off with an i7 16GB Win 7 laptop, or i5 Mac with 8 GB or less of RAM?

Thank you,

electricfusion 2012-09-03 21:02

if you follow this link you´ll can check some good refurbished macs
or go to

I´ve a basic mid 2012 15" MBP w/ an i7 2.3GHz processor which is more than enough for producing music.I upgraded my RAM to 8GB (16GB isn´t officially supported but works w/o hiccups!) from
a 3rd party as i consider 200Bucks for 8GB Ram from Apple´s side is way too overpriced.
Got a Corsair Vengeance 8GB Kit (1600Mhz) for a little over 50 bucks.
Assembly is fairly easy...a few screws and you´re done.
Here are the instructions :

As your Dad uses much audio i´d recommend the RAM upgrade.

Hope this helps you


n0ahg 2012-09-03 21:05

I'd go for the i7 with 16GB RAM.

SteveDiverse 2012-09-03 21:11


Originally Posted by damienplus (Post 1128887)
Asus N53SM i7 laptop with 16 GB of 1600 MHz RAM. With the added ram, tax, and shipping, I spent about $1000.

That's great specs for the price.

As for your dad, i7 will beat i5 for performance, especially if it's a quad-core i7 vs dual-core i5 and the extra (double) memory is also good.

And make sure to get 64-bit OS.

n0ahg 2012-09-03 21:20

Also if you buy a Win 7 laptop now you can upgrade to Win 8 Pro for £14.99

sentient.minority 2012-09-03 23:31

+1 for the i7, that's what I have and it's far better than the MacBook Pro or Mac Mini I purchased.

Go for raw power and you might just get another 7 years.

charlycharlzz 2012-09-04 00:39

get the win7 asus ! no need to think more then this !

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