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lilgeez 2012-09-04 20:35

New Frequency Analyzer Rack Extension!!!
Now wouldn't we all want to see this??? It's about that time we all voiced out opinion on the matter. I sincerely believe that with all the new gadgets and gizmos these companies are making, they are forgetting about the one thing that Reason needs most to be complete.. I've read about the VB512 attempts, but we need a designated Frequency analyzer. It would be a very lucrative endeavor for the builder.. What does everyone think? Thank me Later

reason2dance 2012-09-04 20:38

What about your ears? :D

*SCNR* ;)

gnandels 2012-09-04 20:55

I've never really used one, but a lot of people want one. I'm sure it wouldn't help with getting each peice in it's own little Frequency space in the mix.

lilgeez 2012-09-04 21:16

Haha.. True True.. But ears can be VERY subjective sometimes, huh? Now imagine I am mixing on a different set of speakers that have different frequency responses?? Or on the road (or tour), doing a lot of work in HeadPhones?? The analyzer seems a lil more legit huh?? Or analyzing an entire mix to fill in "that empty space" in the mix?

lilgeez 2012-09-04 21:18

Comparing mixes?? or sound creation?? U've forgot about the plethora of uses. Plus it loooks so cool :D

Beckett 2012-09-04 21:22


You got my hopes up with that title - A spectrum analyser is something I've wanted in Reason for a long time.

lilgeez 2012-09-04 21:28

Yea Beck.. I get up every morning, say a prayer and then rush to the Prop Shop hoping to see one there..

charlycharlzz 2012-09-04 23:05

I could see the software R-mix from roland very very well as an RE ! but it is more a spectrum analyser

gnandels 2012-09-04 23:28

yup. that too

danny_f 2012-09-05 00:17

I do spectrum analysis via iPad

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