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stroblalex92 2012-09-05 06:29

all sounds in project
is it possible to integrate all samples into the reason file?

cause normally i do tunes at home and then i finish em somewhere else then i have to look for allll samples used witch can take really long sometimes, any ideas?

platzangst 2012-09-05 07:43

Yes, there's a setting that should include all samples and audio clips inside one .reason file. I don't have Reason booted this second so I can't check if it's in Preferences or in the file saving dialog, but it's somewhere in there.

EDIT: And I'm not sure exactly when this feature was introduced, so if you have an earlier version of Reason, like 4 or 3, it might not.

BetraX 2012-09-05 08:30

It's accessible from the menu, just select File -> Song Self Contain Settings. :)

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