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Iron 2012-09-06 01:29

New Acid Track - Acid Freakout
This one is done live with keyboard commands & a UC33 controller. All elements were made in one take, some mistakes, but lots of fun to make. Made in Reason 4.0.1.

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scoobyman 2012-09-06 08:05

Interesting sound. Drums and keyboard all in one take? How'd you do that?

Iron 2012-09-06 12:46

I will try to summarize below. 1st, you can edit the automation on many lanes at once, all you need to do is click on the midi accept button on the main sequencer (squigly line).
The setup I use is sort of a virtual groovebox, similar to that of re-birth with some additions.
My setup consists of 2 x 303 emulator combinator patches, 1 x 808 drum machine combinator, 1 x 909 drum machine combinator. 1 x pad synth combinator (with 4 different synths) on the above track I only used one of these pad synths, and a 3 band EQ kill combinator (as you hear near the end of the track).
For the drum machines I use a combinator containing redrum, but I trigger the kick, snare & hi-hat with matrix pattern sequencers - gate in to the redrum unit. I assign the buttons on the combinator to engage the various elements, 1st button is for the redrum, 2nd button is for the matrix controlled kick drum, 3rd button is for the snare drum & 4th button is for the hi hat. This way I can change the patterns on individual sounds without changing the main sequence, and I can use say 32nds for snare rolls etc... and you can see more beat elements at once, makes programming easier to see 4 patterns at once vs. just one on the redrum. I assign the rotary knobs 1 through 4 to change the patterns on the redrum & 3 matrix sequencers, so I can twist a knob while recording to add in the fills, kick rolls, snare rolls etc... as well, I can click on the pattern activate buttons to mute things (all of which is recorded in real time).
This is pretty much how I set the whole thing up, but for the 303s I cannot change patterns with a rotary, as I need them all to control the 303 parameters, so I assign the pattern change buttons to my kwerty keyboard. I also use my kwerty keyboard to trigger the bottons on all combinator patches for mutes, octave up down etc...

Oh... and I use a UC33 midi controller. When I set the whole groovebox thing up, I worked backwards from what is available, 24 x rotary knobs & 9 x sliders. I use my kwerty keyboard for all button commands, so when I record, I never need a mouse, I just use the UC 33 midi controller & the keyboard. I don't even look at the screen, I just kind of bring things in and out when needed. The only thing you need to do as prep work is to program all the patterns you need for the song, then essentially, your just kindof conducting your own orchestra:)

scoobyman 2012-09-06 15:21

Cool. Thanks for the detailed reply.

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