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PureOptic 2012-09-08 19:56

When I Bought Reason, Songs Made In Demo Won't Open?
I started looking into reason for a while, but before I bought it, I decided to try out the demo and see how it turned out. It went great, so I bought it. I got it, installed it fine, but now, it says "The Operation could not be completed because the format is not supported." The format the songs made in the demo were saved as .reason files, is there any way to change that, or is it needed?

MayorMcCheese 2012-09-08 20:57

Hmm, the only time I’ve had that exact popup box message is when I mistakenly went to open a R6.5.1 file in R6.0.2, which makes sense. What Reason version is the demo you used and what Reason version did you buy?

SteveDiverse 2012-09-08 23:45

Did you demo using version 6.5 then purchase reason 6 and install from the disk in the box (even if you were told you were buying 6.5, the disk in the box might still be 6.00?

If so, uninstall version 6, goto 'your account', click to get the free upgrade to R6.5 (if the R6.5 license is not already on your account), then goto the download page and get 6.5.1.

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