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MarcelBeleu 2012-09-10 14:20

Figure Patch Designer
Hey guys. I'm not sure how many of you have Figure on their iDevice, but it's great for it's price.

Now, I've noticed that the synth engine is copied from Thor, and the "interface" (which is hidden) is written in Lua, and the patches also have variables that refer to the "interface".

With this in mind, am I thinking too far, or do Propellerhead plan to create a patch designer for Figure itself. This would be great!

Later today I will try to create a custom patch, with only an Analog Oscillator on Sine. I will post a video if it works.

Wish me luck & wish that the Props will make a patch designer!

//LATER EDIT: (please, please, PLEASE read the description first)

MarcelBeleu 2012-09-10 14:39

What I've managed is to copy the settings from another patch into a new file, and get that file listed in Figure.

Now, I'm going to do more research about this topic. There seems to be no "verification" for checking the integrity of the files (eg: checking that only 20 patches are shown, only the patches that come default with Figure).

Here's a picture with it. I will keep the topic updated, if everything works fine I will post a video later, meanwhile I will keep most of the updates on my facebook page (so that I don't spam this topic with posts every 1 hour or so).


illCarl 2012-09-10 15:54

Hey man

I'm really really not trying to be an ass, but I'm pretty sure you are breaking some EULA by reverse-engineering Figure ;) Carefull, Big props might be watching you :)

gwynebiau 2012-09-10 19:41

In a sane system (not here in the US anymore sadly) reverse engineering is not illegal, and it should not even be considered inherently wrong.

When it's done so that you can make illegal copies of software, most people would consider that wrong. If it's done to learn more about how something works though, to facilitate reimplementation of or interaction between software or devices, or to interact more freely with things that you've purchased, most people have traditionally seen that as a completely reasonable thing to do.

Looking into how Figure handles patches falls into one or more of those categories, and although it may be technically illegal in certain countries now, I think it's important to publicly defend it rather than just accept ever-tightening controls on everything we buy and what we're "allowed" to do with it.

It's not about Propellerhead (which treats its users much better than many software companies), or even about current laws as much as it is about our individual perspectives and beliefs which are together what will shape (or be shaped by) the laws and social norms of the future.

Personally I would rather help with the shaping than just let people with different interests decide everything for the rest of us, in the hope that we'll ultimately end up with users of software, music, movies, etc. who have fairly extensive and well protected rights to use and interact with their purchases, as well as reasonable rights and protections for content creators, including those who choose to charge for the things that they create. :)

MarcelBeleu 2012-09-10 20:14

I'm aware that in some countries reverse-engineering is illegal, but as far as I know, in mine it isn't. Furthermore, it's not really reverse-engineering.
I didn't break any of the code or something.

I just noticed that there is a Patch folder created and that it cotains files like: "Comb.lead" (which is the Comblead preset from the Lead section).
I've noticed when opening the .lead or .bass files that they contain plain text LUA coding (if I'm not mistaking).

I think that if the Props wanted to keep this a closed system without a user being able to tamper with it, they would have at least use base64 cyphering so that you won't see that easy that it's plain text.

Also, seeing my current progress on this "project", I really think (& HOPE!) that they will release a preset-designer.
I mean, you can make presets so easy even by editing the text-file, but if you're a novice user of Reason&Thor, it might be harder without the visual-aid.

If the Props intended this to make strictly closed, I would appreciate a message from a representative from the developer community (email or plain PM will do just fine) and I will remove the topic, stop the updates about this on my facebook page, and I will never make the video I was talking about.

Cheers guys! If they don't mind, I might be up for making a HTML patch designer myself, for this!

Corsica_S 2012-09-10 22:03

With any luck perhaps the Propellerheads will embrace this they way they embraced the Rebirth Mods...

MarcelBeleu 2012-09-10 22:32

Well that would be just great! :D

Hopefully more people will agree that making patches for Figure is a great idea. I mean why not, it's like making patches for Reason. You've paid for both (hopefully! :D)...

MarcelBeleu 2012-09-11 11:06

video to the link with a demo was added in my first post. I will try to make a better later today, or tomorrow morning, where you can very well hear the difference, because using the iPhone there's not a very good audio quality.

fr33mix 2012-11-09 15:18

Hi Guys,
i would highly appreciate if someone could help me going the other way round and transferring the figure patches to a "figure refill" for reason. i really like the figure sounds and the tweaking possibilities, but haven't found corresponding patches in the reason factory library. For instance, how would you set up the FMover patch in Reason (ok, there is a "FM Overload" patch in Reason and it sounds quite similar, but it lacks the vitality of the figure patch)?

or have i overseen something and there is already a "figure" refill available?

Any hint is welcome!

normen 2012-11-09 15:25

You can do anything you want with that software and hardware at home, but giving away this info publically is in fact dangerous. You can be sued based on international copyright laws. I sincerely hope the props just ask you to stop here in case they really feel like this is a breach of the agreement.

Apart from that, I wouldn't worry too much and just wait for the full Reason on iOS from the props :D In my dreams its even more than that, it ties into the desktop Reason and extends it with remote controls and processing power ^^

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