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Borderline 2012-09-10 18:02

crappy mac
So my brand new (ish) mac is going back to the factory tomorrow....

Getting interminable grey screen on start-up

not happy :(

normen 2012-09-10 18:04

Aww sorry to hear bro :(

Borderline 2012-09-10 18:06

I know... lol.... just my luck.

Probably something im doing wrong anyway! haha!

Borderline 2012-09-10 18:06

I hope 'crappy' doesnt offend anyone?

gwynebiau 2012-09-10 18:23

That's most likely a hardware problem, which can happen with any computer. New hard drives in particular are very failure-prone.

On the bright side, Apple is good about warranty service, and even out of warranty they'll fix things that they know are defective. For example, my laptop's video chipset (made by NVidia) blew out after 3-4 years, but it was a part that was already proven to be defective, so they replaced the motherboard for free.

I know it's frustrating when anything (especially a new computer) fails on you, but they should take care of you, and I think that in a couple of years your overall experience will have been much more positive.

Good luck, and make sure to use Time Machine or other backup software if you weren't already. Every hard drive fails at some point, and your data is the most important thing on your computer. :)

Borderline 2012-09-10 18:32

yeah thats what the telephone support people said...

Im not thinking anything stupid like apple are pants, i think its a lovey computer, and their support has been really friendly and helpful...

just annoyed with the universe kind of...if that makes sense...

gwynebiau 2012-09-10 18:36

Completely. :)

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