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danm 2012-09-11 20:16

EQ feature suggestion as well as a KONG suggestion
Also, It would be amazing if we had an EQ that allowed us to see the frequency spectrum (with a pre EQ and post EQ switch) of the audio that was being EQed. This feature is available in other DAWs (fruity loops and Logic and probably Live as well). I hope this will be available in the next version of Reason maybe?

Because honestly, I prefer using Reason for everything if I can. It's an amazing program and I have an amazing workflow with it. This rack extension stuff is really helping me move towards doing almost everything in Reason these days. There are only a few minor feature omissions like this that it's missing to make it my 'go-to for everything' program...

Also, it would be pretty cool if Kong had a way of allowing you to edit the sample in a waveform view (like battery) as well as allowing for even more control for fine-tuning of the sample start point for each sample (like battery).

Also, if possible (might be complicated though) but like many have also said, a 'freeze' feature would be a big help in the future.

and last but not least, it would be amazing if there was a way to re-assign the transport control shortcuts to keys (the macbook pros don't have that addition numeric set of buttons). I would love to be able to reassign them to controls that I use in other programs (for example, using the '.' key for rewind and the ',' key for fast forward).

But yeah, thanks propellerheads. I love the program and I use it all the time (been using it for years). I moved back from Logic to Reason for a lot of things just because there are some things that are simply easier to do in Reason (routing, for example) and the music making experience is often more pleasurable.

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