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Jsampson 2012-09-15 21:34

Envelope Blades sample sound in Reason
Hey Im here to ask a question on one of the sounds in reason. Its the Sound called Envelope Blades. Why does it take up so much DSP??????

gwynebiau 2012-09-16 02:48

From a little quick testing, it looks to me like it's the high release times on the 4 Thors in the combinator which lead to sustained high polyphony and really crank up the DSP.

You could try reducing the Release Polyphony (and even the main Polyphony), or even lowering the release times on the envelopes within each of the Thors if you don't mind changing the sound.

There are of course other things using up CPU there, but either of those options seems to significantly reduce its DSP usage for me.

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