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Loopback 2012-09-16 09:36

Remix Contest Submission (Dubstep)
Hi Folks,

there's a Remix opportunity over on Indaba for "Youngblood Hawke - We come runnig" and this is my submission

It's a rather untypical track for me and my first real go on dubstep. As all of my tracks 100% reason from the first bleep to the mastering.

Hav fun, enjoy, leave a comment if you like/or not


scoobyman 2012-09-16 10:37

Right on
I like your version better than the original. There were a lot of nice surprise twists in it.

JpPropellaed 2012-09-16 15:48

Huge sound Mr Loopback ' i wish you good luck : would be nice to see one of the Reason user's bag one of these Indaba Competitons ! :0 Jamie

Mate 2012-09-16 16:01

Like it, nice relaxing Dubstep Remix!

Cor7 2012-09-16 16:16

Where did you learn to get your tracks to sound so full? I like the fuzz low-end.

billymcbride 2012-09-16 17:40

Nice job! It was good to hear. Thanks for sharing.

EpiGenetik 2012-09-17 02:16

You should bump this when it comes to voting time :)

Loopback 2012-09-17 10:58

Hey Guys,

thanx for the nice feedback.
@EpiGenetik: I don't care for the vote, i want the Jackpot


Loopback 2012-10-03 07:04

Ok. i lied .... vote is now on .... please vote for meeeeee!!!!!1111111

Thank you!

onemadmanc 2012-10-03 12:46

good that loopback nice sounding track , good luck in the contest

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