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ZCox44 2012-09-18 23:51

Mac OSX 10 "Invalid Checksum"
im trying to download Reason onto my new MacBook Pro Retina but i keep getting the "Invalid Checksum" warning message appearing when trying to mount the disk image. The download has been completed fine multiple times from a reliable and stable source. I have read that it is a problem with the download itself, but doubt this is the case coming straight from propellerhead. i have also tried downloading the BitTorrent link on their website but had no luck due to no peers to connect to.

Any suggestions or resolutions would be much appreciated!!

gwynebiau 2012-09-19 00:38

That does sound like a problem with the file, but it's hard to know how it got corrupted.

I downloaded 6.5.1 a few days ago and it worked fine, and many other people have downloaded it, so the problem is probably not on their end.

It's hard to know what the problem is, but the first thing I would think is that even if it appears to have completed, it may not be complete. I believe the file was something like 983 megs, although that may be wrong. If it's a lot less than that though, you can be pretty sure you don't have the whole file.

If you can find the exact size it should be and compare it to the size of the file you have, that'll at least tell you for sure if it's complete or not.

You could also try downloading it with a different program, or even saving it to a different drive.

If none of that works, maybe one of us can try downloading the file again to verify that it's not a problem on their end.

ZCox44 2012-09-19 00:58

the download I've been doing is 3.35Gb and I've nursed it through the download a few times. As far as i can tell the file sizes are identical.

Is there the possibility that the problem may lye with the hardware of my mac? i know the OSX has been catered for in the last Reason update, but I'm clutching at straws for anything that could be wrong...

The BitTorrent download is running so ill give that a try but I'm only getting a few Kbps as there aren't any peers.

Ill try to get my mate to download it onto his MacBook too, see if he has the same problem. your probably right about the error being from propellerhead tho, i cant see them having a dud download.

Cheers, Zac

electricfusion 2012-09-19 01:04

Download the complete demo (3.35GB) which works fine.
There was a checksum problem w/ the 6.5.1 update a while back but as far as i know it was solved.

gwynebiau 2012-09-19 01:31

The one I downloaded was the update without soundbanks, so disregard the filesize I mentioned. Having your friend try it too is a good idea, especially if he's on a different internet connection. If it doesn't work for him either, I would contact support and see if they can verify that the file is okay.

Also, if you already have the soundbanks, you can try downloading the version which doesn't include them.

It is possible that there could be a hardware problem causing this, like if your hard drive is failing it may cause read and/or write errors, but you'd probably notice problems coming up in other places if that was the issue. It's not the most likely suspect though.

Also, when you say that you nursed it through the download, if you had to do anything like resuming the download because it stopped in the middle, it's always possible that a problem was introduced at that point.

Some ISPs also cache files on their servers, so your service provider could be re-sending you a corrupted copy that's stored in their cache every time. If it doesn't seem to be anything else, that's something to check into.

ZCox44 2012-09-19 01:32

Okay, i downloaded the file again... no "Invalid Checksum" warning appeared, but upon opening reason in my applications it prompted me the file was corrupt and to either 'cancel' the operation or 'move to trash'. Im attempting it again now but think ill just get same results :(

ive been surfing forums for days and attempting to repair the disk image in the disk utility doesn't work either

ZCox44 2012-09-19 01:45

Ill nag him tomorrow to get it downloaded.

but i meant i didnt interrupt anything like pausing or closing laptop,

Right, the application will now open, it tells me that it needs to install 'system extensions for the ignition key hardware' ... i click install/restart ... then it comes up with 'Unknown installation error' ... 'Now Terminating' ...

Ill have to test the download elsewhere tomorrow, ill also keep this bittorrent running (about 50kbps :/)

Cheers for input, feel like i might sort it now

Many thanks, Zac

sammyg303 2013-01-25 12:21

I'm having exactly the same problem with the "Invalid Checksum" error message coming up after downloading the whole 3.5 gigs - can't mount the image. MBP as well. I've downloaded it a couple of times already to try the demo but no luck. Oh well, back to Logic.

ZCox44 2013-01-25 18:03

I actually have no idea how i fixed mine. After a few days of downloading and deleting it just worked. All i can say is keep trying it, or see if you can find the download elsewhere. Think theres a torrent link on their website for it somewhere which could help.


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