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ryszard 2012-09-19 11:22

Upgrade to 6.5--considerations
Okay, I've had 6.02 since around March of this year. My system is stable (after having sorted some massive hardward issues) and I'm fairly comfortable with everything. I have looked at the upgrade FAQs and don't see some questions addressed. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. When I upgrade, what do I get besides the ability to run REs?

2. Can I go directly to 6.5.1, or do I have to get 6.5 first?

3. Give me a little reassurance. I'm a little nervous, partly because of my earlier PC issues (which had nothing to do with Reason) and partly because of some of the posts I see here about problems after upgrading. I'm fully aware that I don't see posts about the hundreds or thousands of users who have upgraded with no problems and are completely satisfied.

4. Is there anything I should know besides what's in the FAQs?

5. Can I revert to 6.02 if absolutely necessary? (I realize I could uninstall and start over.)

6. If I do this in time I get the Pulsar RE free. The only other RE I know I want is the ring modulator. (I'm a guitarist who wants to get some of those 70's John McLaughlin tones sometimes.) Are there other REs that are absolutely essential? I'm primarily a guitarist/bassist who uses drum tracks brought in from another program for synth sweetening from Reason.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.


tonalaxis 2012-09-19 12:21

6.5 only adds support for Rack Extension with a few minor tweeks and extra sounds.
There's no real difference in CPU usage and it runs really nicely on my system.

I would say go for it!

BonezMcCoy 2012-09-19 12:35

1. What Tonalaxis said
2. 6.5.1
3. No CPU woes on my side, running OSX SL on a late 2007 MB
4. Yes: 42!
5. Yes (as long as you uninstall everything, including Authoriser)
6. You'll be allowed to try REs for 30 days, you better "see" that with your own ears.

gwynebiau 2012-09-19 12:42

You should be able to go straight to 6.5.1, and I haven't had any problems with it or with upgrading, although I'm not on a PC so it doesn't mean much for you.

I don't know if the Saturation Knob is free anymore or not, but of course if it is that'd be an easy choice. I'd also look at anything that's still at a lower introductory price (Uhbik-A, Re-Tron, etc.), and personally I've always been happy with Propellerhead's own offerings, so Polar and Radical Piano would also be at the top of my list (I actually plan to buy both very soon).

I've also heard good things about Etch Red, Predator-RE (although it can be resource intensive), Polysix, a lot of the stuff from Softube...even though REs are new and there aren't very many compared to the amount of VSTs out there, there are still quite a few that are worth looking at! :)

Your computer looks like it should do fine with 6.5, and you can always go back to 6.0 if you think it's necessary. Just make sure you don't re-save any files in 6.5 without backing them up first until you're sure you're not going back.

reasoner498 2012-09-19 12:43

My suggestion is to install 6.5.1 to a new folder named "Reason 6.5.1`" instead of the default "Reason" folder. Adding the version number lets' you run as many versions as you want on the same machine.

As for reverting back... make backup copies of your work. Once you save a file in 6.5, you can't open it in 6, even if it's an empty project.

Personally, I like to use 6 instead of 6.5, unless I want to use an RE in my project. They made some minor UI changes that I don't prefer, and I want to keep my files compatible with 6 where possible. That said, I don't notice any performance differences between the two.

As for RE, I only have the 2 freebies, but my short list is Polar and Etch. Polar is just cool, and I want Etch to give more filter options.

rushdown 2012-09-19 12:58

if you want the free RE i think you have until the 1st october to get them then they go to the normal price

n0ahg 2012-09-19 13:02

You don't need to install Reason 6.5.1 right now to get the free RE, as soon as you have the Reason 6.5 license on your account you can buy the RE for $0.

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