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ztringz 2012-09-19 22:48

Ignition Key Death
Has anyone had their Ignition Key die on them? Mine apparently did (it's been permanently connected to a USB port on a stationary computer, and hasn't experienced any power surges, viruses, I/O errors etc...)

WIBU, the guys who manufacture the Codemeter sticks, sent me this (after I sent them the CM-dust file:

I found your file!

OK it looks like some really bad hardware errors.

We provide CodeMeter sticks to licensors who possess a special key to program their license into the sticks. Only they can provide a replacement because we cannot program their license for them.

But this stick is certifiably dead.


I've contacted Propellerhead for support, but haven't received anything yet. I've also contacted my local vendor, and they're getting in touch with my distributor.

Anyone else have any experience with this? And seeing as how I can't see this as being my fault, is it still likely I'll have to pay for a replacement key? I figure there must be some warranty on this (I haven't had the software for a full year yet).

I'd attach my CM-dust file but it seems my file is 2KB over the forum limit. 2KB!!

bruceb 2012-09-20 15:04

My IK spends all its time in the studio other than one occasion - a business trip to the far east where it was lovingly packed in its case and the inner walls of my laptop bag. On arrival home it fell apart. Since then its been held together by masking tape and I have mostly been using internet verification. Last weekend I plugged it in to write my REs to it. It no longer functions.

You are not alone in having received an IK that's died in it's first year. It sounds like you should be entitled to a new one. Best of luck.

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