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ton3r 2012-09-21 10:05

Automation NN-XT Loop Type,Length, Start, Stop
Isn't it possible to automate this settings from the NN-XT? Like Loop Start/Stop, Loop Type, Key Note?

I think it would be perfect to manipulate e.g. Vocalsamples on-the-fly. I can play a melody with a short loop from the voice, change the loop length and loop start to beginning of the sample an let the Singer sing.. :o

I havn't found any way to automate this. Normaly there is a right-click to start the automation for a knob.

Or did I miss something?! When not, why isn't it possible? What is the reason to avoid autom. it.

regards & keep grooving


RXTX 2012-09-21 11:02

You can't automate them because those controls aren't global to the NNXT, they're different for each sample. For patches with lots of samples that would result in thousands of automation lanes.

To "automate" the root note, just play a different key or use the pitch bend wheel.
To "automate" sample start, crank up the "Velocity->Sample Start" knob and play the note at different velocities.

ton3r 2012-09-21 11:08

Hm, ok. That's a good and plausible reason. Thanks.
But seriously, I think it would be possible to offer this. In rare cases there will be so many automations.
In my sample set I want to use it just for one sample of 5.

But ok. I unterstand the problem. But it would be fine if there come a solution for it.

I try your tips! Thanks a lot!


dub08 2012-09-21 14:08

The workaround for this would be use an NN19 instead, since all of it's parameters are automatable. ;)

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