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Funcle 2012-09-22 10:07

Saving projects without temperarely data
Hey guys, I have a question.

I've recorded a live gig as one big project.The Reason file is about 20GB. Now I'm splitting that one up to have the songs in separate files. So far so good. No prob. But every time I save a projects (which should be much smaller), I'm saving 20GB of data again. Is there a setting to erase the deletes parts so I can have smaller files to save? I mean: Reason takes all the data with it. I don't need it like 10 times on my computer... Any suggestions?

platzangst 2012-09-22 10:24

There is a "Delete Unused Recordings" function that should clean that up.

When you edit a large audio clip, Reason will still keep the unused parts around until you actively delete them. It's kind of a safety feature, and can be handy if you find yourself wishing you had back just a little bit before or after the points you trimmed. You can actually extend the end of an edited audio clip and get back the audio you cut away earlier.

Funcle 2012-09-22 11:38

[QUOTE=platzangst;1142326]There is a "Delete Unused Recordings" function that should clean that up.

thanx for the quick answer. I did find that option before, but it's not active and I can't figure out how to make it work... What do I need to select in my tracks or not? I mean: the option on the edit tab stays 'grey', I can't use it. It should be in black to be active right?

Anyway: the feature of saving came in handy before, but in this case i don't need it since I've saved the original recording as a back-up. So my new files just take to much useless space and CPU. Any chance you know what to do?

Funcle 2012-09-22 12:06

Okay, just found the answer to my problem. Might come in handy to others, so I just post it.

It seems you need to BOUNCE THE CLIPS TO NEW RECORDINGS and once you've done that, the option to delete unused recordings appears in black: functional. My 20 GB file became a 800 something MB file. Saves a lot of space ;-)

platzangst 2012-09-22 12:07

You should select all audio clips that you wish to tidy up.

The other thing to look at is "Save and Optimize", which also tries to clean up and reduce file size.

Without knowing a bit more about the material and what you're trying to do, it's hard to offer more than just general advice. If this is a multitrack recording and you still have mixing to do, then you may just have to muddle through as is. But if you have it mixed, or if this is just a basic stereo pair on one track that you want to break into simple WAV files, you could use the loop markers to define the beginning and end of each song and then export the loops to WAV. Exported WAVs certainly wouldn't be carrying a lot of hidden data. I guess it would help to know what exactly it is you want to wind up with once you separate all the songs, and what you eventually want to do with/to them.

Funcle 2012-09-22 12:22


Originally Posted by platzangst (Post 1142402)
You should select all audio clips that you wish to tidy up.

No worries, my friend. You did show me the path to get where I wanted to. I figured it out (I've posted the answer), so thanx again!

Just for the record and because I like to say it out loud to fellow Reason users: I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE ;-)


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