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VillaNDubstep 2012-09-23 15:25

SD ignition key
By a show of hands, how many reason users would benefit from this?

I think the props should seriously consider this as it is more than possible from their suppliers end and would reduce the amount of frustration of reason users.
I would gladly pay the extra to have the sd card if it meant i didn't have to worry about the usb ignition key taking up an extra usb port.

I fully support the props protecting their software from pirates but why should we suffer

dioxide 2012-09-23 15:40

Not a bad idea as it would free up a USB port for laptops etc.

I don't know if I'd prefer it but I think they could definitely offer it as an option in the Prop shop.

VillaNDubstep 2012-09-23 17:48

Well ye, giving people the option keeps them happy :)
I'd prefer it as i use a macbook and if i want to plug my controllers in i'd have to keep taking them in and out using one at a time which is just hassle

jaeppel 2012-09-24 15:42

Maybe they could stick a flash drive on there for REs, so you can stick your whole rack in a pocket.

VillaNDubstep 2012-09-24 20:52

Would be handy for people with an offline computer setup in their studio

SoundEnvisions 2012-09-25 03:23

sd card? for what so people can sell illegal copies of it(offline use) no thank you.

SteveDiverse 2012-09-25 03:46


Originally Posted by StoneLifeRecords (Post 1143920)
sd card? for what so people can sell illegal copies of it(offline use) no thank you.

kylelee 2012-09-25 04:53

no the sd card would serve the same purpose as the current usb ignition key.

the ignition key is a codemeter product, and they make a variety of other "ignition key" type products like flash cards, pci, etc...

kylelee 2012-09-25 04:55

I emailed props about this exact idea last week

same logic. I need usb ports for performance controllers but I have a free sd card slot on my mbp

joeyluck 2012-09-25 05:51

No—as in I wouldn't benefit from it with my late 2008 Macbook Pro.

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