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Syva 2012-09-24 15:13

mp3 convertion directly from 24bit/96KHz?

when I exporting .wav from Reason6.5 I use 24/96 for the output-file.
Than I make a Master with Ozone5 (24/96 as well).

My question is, if I have to Dither it after Ozone5 when I only want to convert it to mp3 not to an Audio-CD-File?

Or can I make a mastered 24/96 .wav and then convert it directly to mp3 without Dithering and save as 16/41?

Is there a quality lost when I Dither?

rlubeck 2012-09-24 15:25

If you intend to encode your MP3 in high-quality (24 bit, 192/256/320kbits) you don't need to dither, seeing as you've exported in 24 bit in the first place.

If you're going to encode in a lower quality MP3 (16 bit, 128/160kbits), I suggest you dither with Ozone5.

Same with converting your 24/96 .WAV to 16/44.1, use dither.

All it does is add some low-level noise that'll make bitdegradation less obvious.

24 to 24 = no dither
24 to 16 = dither

Syva 2012-09-26 16:52

ok, i always make mp3s with 256or320kbps, so i do it right when i dont dither before.

But I dont see any option in WaveLab where I can select 16 or 24 bit for the mp3 outputfile or is this automaticly "in" the file when i convert to higher kbps?

normen 2012-09-26 17:08

If you want to be sure, check if your mp3 encoder can actually use 24bit/96kHz files or if it simply downsamples it, then you should rather dither&export in 44.1/16bit

Btw, what about your old pretty much same thread here? ;) it also contains the answer to your question :)

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