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ashland 2012-09-25 17:08

Midi out assignable to tracks
Well- I bought a new Mac, a firewire audio/midi interface, a panorama Nektar, and Reason 6. Set it all up- Loved it. Then I found that the most basic function of ANY DAW is simply not there?????? None of synths in my studio can be incorporated now. I just wasted a bunch of time and a bunch of money. Nowhere was it documented that Reason was proprietary when I was selecting a new DAW. This product should be sold next to guitar hero in Walmart and not in a pro audio marketplace.

normen 2012-09-25 17:13

Lol, rtfm ^^ Anyway hopefully you still got time to get your money back ;)

Please don't start a discussion here about that Reason *should* have MIDI-out. Theres hundreds of those here if you wanna join them.

Simple as that, Reason is *not* a studio MASTER, its a studio SLAVE, maybe that will change in the future but thats how it is.

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