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gregstephens007 2012-09-26 01:59

Laptop died... if i replace will i have enough installs??
RI recently took my laptop I use Reason with in for a cleanup & got it back broken. My understanding is that Propellerhead allows you 2 installations (i.e, for your laptop & desktop) in good faith, provided you only use the program on one device at a time. I had full intentions of using my second install on a desktop I was planning to purchase, but I need the program on my replacement laptop too. My question is: is it possible to for me to still have Reason on both my replacement laptop & a desktop or does the fact that my laptop died mean I used one up & can't have Reason on both. Can I "transfer" the first install. Also, I've been using a demo of Reason 6 on an old computer that barley specs in the meantime while im saving for the laptop. I keep making things I want to save but am terrified to put my ignition key in. I don't want it to count as an install & yet I'm not technically using Reason on any computer at this time. Please help.

SteveDiverse 2012-09-26 02:06

You are allowed to have it installed on two computers at a time.

If you install on two computers, then one dies, it's now only installed on one computer - the dead one doesn't count as an install anymore, and you have that install back to put on a new computer.

gregstephens007 2012-09-26 02:28

Sounds good. So I can use my ignition key on this demo I've been using on this temp computer & should be fine when I get my laptop? Don't have to uninstall or contact propellerheads. The ignition key handles it. I know I probably sound paranoid but Reason isn't cheap & I've heard some bad stories about this. That & I've had bad luck latley with computers.

SteveDiverse 2012-09-26 04:00

Sorry... I saw '2 installs' and 'demo of R6' and posted based on that.

The 2-computer-install limit was for Reason 5 and earlier.

If you have Reason 6+, you can install Reason on as many computers as you want.

You can only run reason on one computer at a time.

And just to clarify, plugging your ignition key into a computer is not an install - it is just accessing your license to legally run Reason. ignition key on 'temporary computer' = no problem.

The 'bad stories' you have seen/heard are when people use the internet verification option to run reason on one computer, and while reason is still running on that computer, they use the same license on another computer, at the same time -- don't do that, don't run reason on two or more computers at the same time.

But a desktop, a new laptop, a friend's computer, a computer at an internet cafe...with your ignition key, one computer at a time, no problem.

That's one of the beauties of the ignition can use reason on any computer.

gregstephens007 2012-09-26 04:25

Thanks & you're exactly right-all the bad I heard had come from using internet verification, not the ignition key. On the bright side I'll finally be rid of windows vista (Only OS not supported by Novation's Automap) so my Controller will now completely work every time I update. Thanks again.

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