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SNB1 2012-09-27 19:05

Display chords in the combinator + more!
Sometimes I forget what chords I played so I look inside the combinator to see the notes on the piano. I think it would be cool if the combinator displayed the chords you played and had a button to export those chord names to empty clips. If not, at least allow us to freeze the piano in the combinator because depending on how long you held the notes, the piano can seem like a blur if your playing staccato notes. Just trying to make the piano display a little more useful. In fact, we can take it a step further and have it to allow us to save and recall chords, melody sequences by allowing the combinator to record what the piano is picking up from the midi clips. Maybe also allow us to edit notes pitches directly on the piano. Why would something like this be beneficial? Well you can easily recall favorite chord sequences and melodies in any reason session. Anybody want to chime in on this idea fill free.

jamesgabi 2012-09-28 11:46

Not sure if I understood your post well but I think it would make much more musical sense if you understand the chords you were playing. How they relate to each other and what chords you must play next.

To me, it's much more exciting when I know the key I'm playing in, and have a solid knowledge of the chord progressions within that key. It's much easier to come up with new ideas and makes you more of a musician than a guy jotting down chords. !

SNB1 2012-09-28 16:42

Yah, well everybody isn't the perfect musician right off bat. This will help them get familiarize with different chord progression in different keys to where after for so long, it will become second nature. It to help them become better musicians. A lot of people play off ear and don't know anything about musician theory, or just starting to read up on it to better their knowledge. I know a friend who is a really good producer that plays chords that he don't even know what they are. But he just plays off ear and always tells me if he understood the chords he was playing and understood music theory a little more, then he would be a way better producers. So if he had a display of what chords he is playing and the knowledge of chords and chord progression then it will help him become a better musician.

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