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ShelLuser 2012-09-28 04:01

Follow mode indicator
Right; this marks the end of an awesome synth night ;)

And yes you guys; you can play Kong on a computer while sitting behind laptop in a completely different room without even a network cable attached ;) (=controlling rewire Reason Kong device through ReaPlugs across a network from a wifi connected laptop running Live and my upcoming Reasonable M4L plugin (plugin to control all aspects of certain Reason devices).

Its fun teasing your direct neighbour a bit (they knew it could be a little loud this evening 'till 23:00 because I asked them; it was no prob.) by sitting near the door going "We're not playing drums, look!" ;)

I guess its obvious I also had a few ReFills :D

OK: One thing I'm missing out on after a good jam session... A follow mode indicator. I know I can press F to turn it on or off. But I'd like to see up front that I can expect the screen to jump before it does. You know; then I can first turn follow mode off and then edit a clip instead of trying to edit a clip (moving the navigator to find the right clip) only to get it jumping back again because Reason was in follow mode.

You got loop, why not follow ?

But apart from that; please keep up the good work!

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