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rVOLT 2012-09-30 18:29

Pc to Mac, refills GONE. Help?
Soo I just got a new reason machine, a nice mac... and my free pulsar, saturator knob etc did not carry over. In fact I have been having this problem, and cannot get propellerhead to reply...

I have all of my freebie rack extentions installed on my laptop, but cannot transfer them to any other system. They don't even show as being installed under downloads.... I just want what I have on my pc laptop, to also be on my mac, and on my other PC so I have the same tools no matter which studio I am at.

Ive ran reason with online verification, usb stick verification, nothing seems to matter. The only Re showing in my account for download is Bitspeak.

moneykube 2012-09-30 19:21

pc to mac can be problematic.... hook up the network cable and try through the ethernet connection.... had to transfer video files that way once

rVOLT 2012-09-30 20:16


Originally Posted by moneykube (Post 1147008)
pc to mac can be problematic.... hook up the network cable and try through the ethernet connection.... had to transfer video files that way once

I should be able to do this by simply logging into my account, and redownloading everything but they do not show in my account, though I have the Re's installed on my laptop, working...

I'm going to hate propellerhead if they can't help me save my Re's before the period of FREENESS is gone... The phone number rings forever, and I can't get anyone to respond in email.

BrrrPeoples 2012-09-30 21:40

did you go to this page:

The to the "Rack Extension" tab and clicked download all?


Have you tried and downloaded each individual device from the actual shop?

Most importantly, did you sign in under the same user account on the new computer?

These might sound like dumb questions, but trying to weed out the little stuff to help discover the problem :)

Also can you clarify on this, you say you've tried downloading the rack extensions on your new computer, and then you mention your refills. Did you mean Rack Extension or are you also having problems with your refills?

Refills aren't installed, they are just like locked folders that you can't get into, you can transfer them from mac to pc with a thumb drive or external hardrive instead of downloading them again.

I hope you can get it sorted out :)

gwynebiau 2012-10-01 08:36

Just so you don't worry, if you've already "bought" Pulsar for free, you'll be able to download it on your other computer at any time, even after the free period ends. Reason Extensions are linked to your account, not to your computer. :)

rVOLT 2012-10-01 17:31

They SHOULD be linked to my account. But they're not.

I have done everything listed above.

I downloaded pulsar, and saturator knob... They show on my laptop as being installed, and they open and function, though they do not show up in my account when I log in, which is why I cannot redownload them to my other computers.

Did I say refills, i meant rack extnetion sorry. =)

geiger167 2012-10-01 22:34

I just did a check, have all of my RE on a pc at home, and logged in to my propellerheads user account on another machine (a friends laptop with chrome) and all of my downloaded RE were available in the; your account/your products/rack extensions, with download links to everything including free stuff like pulsar and softube saturation nob. If they are linked to your main account you use and are visible there, they should be visible on any machine you use with a working browser and internet.
If they are not, then you need to wait for props to answer you (I presume you have raised a support ticket with the full details of your system and problem) As the man said above the RE are linked to your account rather than to a particular PC so the problem is highly unusual. Hope you get it sorted, but support is the way to go :)

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