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SoulElemental 2012-09-30 20:36

The Place To Be
Been a while since I posted anything, hope u enjoy this funk. Rock Rock yall!!

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LastAlternative 2012-09-30 20:53

Tis intriguing. Funkalicious man!

SoulElemental 2012-09-30 20:55

Thx bro, Cheers!

Staarchylld 2012-09-30 22:08

like this one. great groove gods approve LOL

SoulElemental 2012-10-01 00:27

This goes outto all the ladies! Please report to the dance floor! thx bro!

Staarchylld 2012-10-01 04:49

I said great groove gods not midnight starr lol

SoulElemental 2012-10-02 03:00

hahaha regardless its a smanger LOL

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