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GregoryUrich 2012-09-30 20:44

Confused by remote overrides
Trying to get a grip on this: The manual says of Remote, "It is basically a mapping system
that provides direct hands-on control of parameters for EACH Reason device". The section describing copy/paste for overrides even says "You can copy Remote Override mappings for a device and paste them INTO A DEVICE of the same type."

Based on the above, I would expect each device to have it's own remote override mapping, but...I'm using the rack extension Buffre in the Master Insert section. I added a remote override for pitch bend to get the Pitch knob to "snapp back" to 0. This works fine but is active regardless of which sequencer track is activated (which surprises me). The problem is that no other devices respond to pitch bend signals unless I remove this override. I've also tried with a normal device (i.e. a Thor synth connected to a normal Mix Channel) with the same result so it's not a Master Secion issue.

This raises the question, are there remote override mappings for each device? Maybe I'm not doing this correctly, but remote overrides seem to act globally.

Any help would be appreciated!

RXTX 2012-09-30 21:31

Remote overrides are specific to that one specific knob/slider/button you assigned it to. No other devices are affected.

If you want to permanently map a control that works across all devices of the same type, you need to either use mapping software that came with your controller, or edit the Remote Map file of your controller.

GregoryUrich 2012-09-30 22:08

Thanks for your response.


Originally Posted by RXTX (Post 1147072)
Remote overrides are specific to that one specific knob/slider/button you assigned it to. No other devices are affected.

I would expect that to be true, but other Reason devices ARE affected. This is what is confusing me.

Pitch bend stopped working on all other devices when I added a remote override to the Buffre device PITCH knob specifying Pitch Bend as the control. The normal mapping of Pitch Bend is to Length Sweep for that device.

RXTX 2012-09-30 23:34

Yes, that's why it's called "override". Normally, the pitch bend maps to the pitch bend wheel of any device. Once you've overridden its mapping and assigned it to some knob, it loses its normal mapping across all devices and only affects that one knob.

GregoryUrich 2012-10-01 00:57

@Reason: I guess it's a language issue with the manual then as it refers to "each device" when they probably meant "each control surface". And...wouldn't it have been more flexible to assign overrides of the control information at the Reason device level? Each device has to have its own mapping anyway.

@RXTX: "Override" doesn't imply contextual scope. As you have helped me understand, the overrides here are global for a control surface in the context of a song. Thanks for that :)

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