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inakito 2012-10-01 02:18

Reason performing life setup
Hi there!
I am making ready a new template for reason to perform live and I am using the evolution uc33e as a midi controller.
I have currently set 6 banks( 1-6)from my controller to send the same cc messages from all the knobs and sliders but using different midi channels. Then if I´m using the same cc´s messages for knobs and sliders to affect different parameters on reason in the different banks, but each bank set on a different midi channel, so bank one goes trough midi channel one, bank two trough midi channel two, etc...
The problem I am currently having is that reason doesn´t seem to make any difference if I am using midi channel 1 or 2 from my banks on the controller, and it seems to be reading just midi channel one for all the banks... or midi channel 0 that is if i´m not wrong the default one.
The problem is I can´t use more than the 33 possible controller buttons/sliders/knobs while if I´m using 6 banks, thta would be 33x6 right?
Or am I understanding it wrong?
Does anyone know what the problem could be?

EpiGenetik 2012-10-01 07:45

In Reason Help, check out he stuff on MIDI Bus programming, which allows you to set up 4 banks in each Reason song file.

I had a quick look at the Evolution spec, and it first glance it seems like you have a shortage of CC's, i.e only 33, with no way of duplexing them that I could see, so I'm not sure what you could do on the hardware itself to get more options.

inakito 2012-10-01 14:49

Thanks for your quick response EpiGenetik, I´m gona have look at Midi Bus programming and see what I can find.
Evolution UC33e doesn´t have any kind of CC´s shortage as I have already programmed it with Ableton using the same knobs on differnet midi channels to map different parameters... so it has something to do on how Reason understand CC messages send from the same knob along different channels or how do I set it up.

Sterievo 2012-10-01 16:15

It is doable, have a look at Koshdukai's page http://koshdukaimusicreason.blogspot...orkaround.html.

inakito 2012-10-02 02:48

Super thanks Sterievo!
Going trough your link I got it sorted simply adding six "virtual" controllers under midi preferences (other) and making every single controller affecting a different midi channel using Midi Yoke. I know this is a work around and it works, great! but don´t you think this is such a usefull feature it should work straight away in Reason?
Also I realised doing this there is an option to add, inside other controllers option, one named "midi multichannel controller" that I tried using with no luck... and I think this was the option I was after...
Do you know what this option "midi multichannel controller" supposed to be doing, or has anyone get it to work?

Sterievo 2012-10-02 14:27

With the multi channel midi you can send cc's to devices such as the SSL mixer that can have way more than 127 possibilities.
Custom remote maps is where a comprehensive solution can be found, just depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go..... I admire the programmability of remote, but as a musician there is a limit to the amount of energy I am willing to spend getting my head around it.

inakito 2012-10-12 21:02

big thanks!

inakito 2012-10-27 13:42

The way I finally got the problem sorted was using Midi Yoke and adding virtual ports for every extra channel I wanted to use. Then I have to add under controller option in Reason, one controller for every midi port I was using.
The setup is a bit boring but once done it allows you to use 24 knobs and 9 sliders times 16, a whole set for every midi channel, giving you a total of 384 knobs and 144 sliders, isnt this a dream for any live performer/controller!? :D

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