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devilfish 2012-10-04 17:21

Add "copy loop to track" feature to the Thor ARP !!!
please !!!

AriasMusic 2012-10-05 14:09

+ 100000 !!!

TheFatControlleR 2012-10-05 15:27

And the Predator arp.

And C&P between separate incidences of Thor, or between separate incidences of Predator.

propsiman 2012-10-06 10:58

yes, copy loop and curves to track please

MirrorEyes 2012-10-07 17:20

Yes this is the only reason I don't use it at all.

TheFatControlleR 2012-10-07 17:22

Nose, spite, cut and face spring to mind... :rolleyes:

devilfish 2012-10-08 21:58

yes it is very unfortunate. I have invested a lot of time in a thor arp program, now I can not export it. very sad!

i would like to have these option please!!!

rogerlevy 2012-10-09 00:02

Wonder if it would make sense to be able to load/save midi files in Matrix, Thor, and Predator. On top of being able to copy/paste patterns between the different devices. And copy loop to track.

(Not sarcasm)

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