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soundwarrior20 2012-10-08 03:09

key mapping all of reasons sequencers?
hey all i'm trey from england, i'm totally blind and i have a question.

is it possible to key map all of reasons sequencers so i can control every aspect of them from the keyboard with out using the mouse?

your help with this question would be most welcome blessings and respect sound warrior.

OMOMs 2012-10-08 22:32

hey soundwarrior welcome to the Forums!

Reason has a function called Keyboard override mapping.
it lets you control many things. You can control everything except the groove mixer and I think there's no way to access inspector with only the keyboard, because the tab key is reserved for flipping the Rack around. but maybe there is some kind of program to help you with that.
In the Rack you might have difficulties to use it to its full potential, due to the cables and routing.
Just remembered this video featuring a blind guy making beats using Reason. He's using a controller as well as Novation's Automap, which you'll need because you can't control faders and knobs with the keyboard.

And obviously you'll need a program like Jaws or something else to read out the values and stuff.
You might need someone with eyesight to help you to map all functions to keys :)
just create a template session with all shortcuts applied and you'll have it all at the ready whenever you open up Reason.
have fun and cheers

soundwarrior20 2012-10-09 02:32

thanks for your help fred! how do you know about jaws? i plan to use reason 6.5 with serotek system access just like the guy in the video :) would it be possible to control what goes on round the back of the rack with keyboard shortcuts? also could i control Advanced routing and patching options with keyboard shortcuts? and is there a resource listing all the aspects of reason 6.5 that can be controled by keyboard shortcuts? thanks for your help brother blessings sound warrior.

OMOMs 2012-10-10 01:17

hey there
I know about Jaws, because I used to teach a blind kid some Foley and Recording. I was trying to make him able to use Reason, but he was stubborn as hell and wouldn't learn anything.
Anyway here is the link to all the Shortcuts, but it sadly doesn't feature a list keyboard override options.

If you do a right click on a cable socket you'll find a list of all the possible connections.
I don't know if that actually exists, but if you can find a Program that lets you control the mouse via Keyboard, you might actually be able to do advanced patching like that.

I'd suggest you check out the Demo and just play around, I guess you'll find you can use all the basic stuff right from the start. Just press cmd+I on mac or ctrl+I on Windows and search patches you like.
It took me quite a while to get comfortable getting my own patches to sound right, and thats pretty normal I guess, so I think it would make sense to first get comfortable within the environment that is Reason, and play around with the options you can access with the normal shortcuts.
Have tons of fun

soundwarrior20 2012-10-10 02:28

do you press the control i short cut from any ware with in reason or do you have to be in a particular area of reason? and what exactly does the keyboard override feature do? kind regards sound warrior

OMOMs 2012-10-10 12:51

you can press control I from anywhere within the program, to create an instrument.
The Keyboard override feature enables you to map controls to your keyboard (the computer one).
So for example my Keyboard is missing the numerical Pad. Since some of the transport shortcuts, like jump to left/right locator need the numpad I can't access them.
Keyboard override lets me override some of the shortcuts to fit my personal need. So I use Keyboard override to be able to use all the transport functions, and even more. I have a shortcut for the -20dB dim button for example, or all Solo Off. These are really helpful in many cases.

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