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beatsknocking 2012-10-09 04:47

I Can't Download or use Rack Extensions?
When I go to [try] or [buy] it pulls up the Authorizer,and says it's about to write license to Ignition key but it doesn't show that it has downloaded the Rack Extensions.Where would your downloaded Rack Extensions be on your Computer PC Windows 7 for Propellerhead Reason 6.5?And how do you fix the Authorizer so you can see and know that you downloaded the Rack Extension or Extension's?Because I wanted to try out the Ozone 5 Maximizer,Softube Trident and the Rob Papen Predator?And how can try it if you didn't get the download on your Authorizer to work right?And do I have to reinstall the Authorizer and or Reason 6.5?I have the Reason 6 update from the Reason 5 update from Reason 4 DVD.I have two Reason applications on my Computer 1 in Program Files is Reason 6.5 Beta and the other is in Program Files X86,do I need to remove one of them.Because I also can't run Reason 6.5 with the Internet Verification,I have to use it in Demo Mode.Can anybody please help me out?

ShelLuser 2012-10-09 04:55

When you're trying a RE then it won't get onto your ikey. Such trials are only available online; so Instead you need to logon to the auth server whenever you start Reason in order to activate your trial; the moment you start Reason it'll detect a trial RE and ask if you want to logon.

FunkDuBois 2012-10-09 07:34

uhhm nOPE :D

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