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injosh 2012-10-09 06:17

Combinator for IPad
A software release not for recording, but rather for playing through, tweaking, saving, and sharing combinator patches on iPad. With sound library access and rack extension support, and some sort of automation triggering capabilities.

This would allows me to share combinators that I have designed in Reason (synths,guitar rigs, etc.) with my band mates so they can play through them live on stage. While at the same time, turning my love of Reason's experimental capabilities in to a group experience within my band.

Once we all work together to create the perfect sounds for a song, my band members could share there combinators back to me so I can bring them into Reason for recording off stage. Perhaps, in turn, influencing some of of my more stubborn bandmates to become full Reason users.

That would ROCK!

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