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pyramind 2012-10-10 06:29

Chop/Slice Samples with Contextual Menu

I have figured out a pretty cool workflow to import a track, use the razor tool to make slices, create samples out of them and bring them into Kong. It's a very MPC style workflow EXCEPT for one thing. Well, probably a few more, but one key function: Creating Zones or "Slices," "Chops," "Regions," etc...

It would be cool to be able to select a region and right-click and select "Slice region to N regions." maybe 1-16?

In general, you make the two cuts the start and end of the "loop" you want to chop up. You can then cmd+l to set loop points if you want, but not necessary. Reason should be able to just take the two points of a region and take it and insert however many slices evenly between them. The MPC can do this and it doesn't seem like a far cry since we have much more powerful computers! We can calculate the dividing points of the region if the length of it was defined yes? If the MP can do it Reason can too!

You can also even have a dialog box that pops up asking for how many after selecting the "chop/slice region to..." contextual menu. It'll also remember the last number you put so that all you need to do if you're slicing to 8 slices is:

Insert the start and end points of the loop by taking the razor tool and clicking the beginning and end.

Right click newly formed region.

Select "Slice Loop to N Regions"

Dialog Box pops up asking how many, and the text input box has 8 highlighted from the last number inputted. You can also just type the number as well from the number pad.

Hit Enter

Reason extrapolates where to put the slices doing some math,

Slices region up.

You can also maybe select "slice region at transients" or something like that so you get a recycle style thing happening. Except no midi info, but that can happen as well.


What you can do is...

You can automatically create a Kong device with those slices loaded up on the pads! That would be EPIC. Right click selected regions or chops, (let's say up to 16) and select "Create Kong Device with Selected Regions!"

Let's make this happen!!

Thanks propellerheads!

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