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ajmagard 2012-10-11 16:30

Silence effects on stop
Is there anywhere you can make effects silence when the stop button is pressed?

Some times when using extreme settings on delay and reverb effects, they keep on going forever even though the song is stopped. This is pretty easy to replicate using The Echo for instance with feedback and offset summing to more than 100% :)

I know that this is the normal behavior of the hardware devices they are emulating, but isn't there any to counter this without having to flip the switch off and on every time you stop the song.

As a work-around, when using more than a few of these run-away devices, I have sometimes used the first bar as "all-off" bar. However, that is sometimes also a pain since I essentially have to go back to bar 0 even when working actively in bar 150-ish.

deankay 2012-10-11 16:43

Why not automate your dry/wet knob to fade out at the end of a song?

selig 2012-10-11 18:35

The only thing I can think of (that would work in all cases) is to use a 'trigger' track that plays a sine tone when the sequence plays (could be an audio track, or a Matrix/Subtractor, etc). Plug the offending FX into a Mix Channel. Send the "trigger" track to the side chain input of the FX track and use it to open the Gate. Now when you hit play, the sine will "key" the FX track an turn it on. When you hit stop, it will not key the track and it will turn off (or at least it will turn WAY down).

It's a little complex, but this approach will work on any FX you put into that (or any other similar) Mix Channel. Make sense? :-)

ajmagard 2012-10-12 09:43

It is not at the end of a song that is the problem :)
It is while working for instance within a loop of a song.
If I push stop to correct or change something, the effects will keep playing until turned off.

ajmagard 2012-10-12 09:51

Yes, I get it... but you are right it is a little complex :)
Also a flaw in this is that it will not kill the sounds already in the buffer of the effects, meaning that it will still be there when I open the gate again and summed with whatever new goes as input.
Also, I am not sure it fits my way of working since I don't route every effect chain to their own mix channel :)

What I really need is just a KILL switch :)

deankay 2012-10-12 09:54

Truly, this is standard behavior if your feedback knob is turned up all the way and you stop the song over an area that is affected by that effect.
Bounce that track/s to audio, that effect will stop.

OMOMs 2012-10-12 12:44

I really like Seligs approach, but here's another one.
Using the keyboard override function you can use say the number buttons on your keyboard to mute said effect channels. say you got four channels that need muting use keys 7-0 and with a quick stroke all the effects are off. One can do many handy things with keyboard override, which I am a massive fan of :D

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