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dampiesheinz 2012-10-11 23:05

Features I Really Want In Reason
01. Better snapping options. Right now Reason has the basic snapping that allows you to snap clips to the grid lines. For most users this is probably enough. If you like editing audio on the other hand that is not necessarily the same as the projects tempo, you might have some issues.

For example when I am editing a song for a client where I need to shorten the song by taking out certain sections in the middle of the song and then gluing the sections that’s left together, I run into problems. In traditional DAW's like Pro Tools and Cubase you have the option of telling one clip to snap to another. (Shuffle Mode in Pro Tools and I think it’s called Event Snapping in Cubase). This makes it super simple for me to cut out a piece in the middle of the song and as soon as I hit delete, the piece on the right side automatically snaps to the part on the left.

02. Then there’s the mixer Reason 6. This thing is a monster no doubt, but there are things that I would love to have in there. Not having these options available in Reason really slows down my workflow when I mix a song.

The biggest option that I would love in the Reason mixer is Group Channels. I know that you can just take the direct outs of all your channels you want to group like your drums in the mix and patch it to a 14 channel mixer and then send the output of that mixer to its own Mix Channel.
The only problem that I have with that setup is that the drum groups mix channel is not smart enough to know when I have soloe’d something in the group. This means every time that I solo the kick, I have to go to the drum group channel and solo that as well to actually hear the kick. Then when I’m finished with the kick I have to go back to un-solo the drum group channel as well to hear the rest of the mix again. That’s a big hassle.

I believe if Reason has a Group Channel option that is smart enough to know where it is getting its signal from that the whole process would be much easier.

Those two options would have me jumping up and down!!!!.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

rogerlevy 2012-10-12 00:28

I totally agree.

And with group channels the ability to fold the entire group is mandatory.

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