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jflymax 2012-10-11 23:52

New mashup using reason
I made a mashup of Coldplay's Charlie Brown, Axwell's remix of In my Mind, and Matisse's remix of Beating of my Heart. Enjoy!
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sh73888 2012-10-12 05:01

Hey jfly, this is a pretty fly track progression. What vocalists/pellas are these??? They are are epic. Quick Q whats your master fader level reading?
Hahahaha Mousedance.. the ad wigs me.
Fantastastic breakdown back to Matisse, sounded real crisp. This would sound epic in a club I think.. Yes HousePiano. Into it.
This is loud.
illl outro. Daft-Tron'y. Earning it like a gentleman. Yeah sexy track son.

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