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ooooo 2012-10-13 13:04

Any way to turn off auto routing to r6 mixer?
i do not like the new mixer sadly, and i hate it when it auto routes to the little white rack boxes then goes into the new mixer, i want to just use the old mixer, how can i disable this auto routing and little white connecting box that appears above all my instruments? it slows my computer and is severely annoying to re-route...

Flob 2012-10-13 14:02

Right-click on the old 14:2 mixer when you create a new instrument.

You can also hook the 14:2 mixer directly to the audio outputs if you want to bypass the new mixer entirely.

marc64 2012-10-13 14:03

Add the normail 14:2 mixer and then add you intrumentts and they will be connected to that mixer instead of the big ssl mixer.

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