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tincture 2012-10-13 16:11

Out The Corner Of My Eye - Ambient/Laid back Electro
File edited after comment. Hopefully it sounds better now. If it still sounds fatiguing or any other issues please let me know. I've tried to keep some saturation/richness but I've edited the synth parts and some EQ boosting I was doing (incorrectly). There is some CV modulation going on in the second half of the melody part using CV-Bork thingy and that does cause some Amp spikes but hopefully they're not so harsh now. I'd like to keep the modulation in as I think it adds a bit of texture.

The interconnected-ness in mixes never ceases to amaze me ;)

Anyway as a song it's no great shakes but it's always worth editing to try and improve things :)

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sh73888 2012-10-14 11:30

Interesting melodies. The lead is bellowing my speakers a little.. like theres a little pre-clipping high mids causing a little ear fatique (this is on the second one in particular)... actually this goes for both. Which leads me to think it may be a problem frequency area in your mixing setup/monitors/etc. It would be worth figuring out where it is exactly so u can adjust your mixing style appropriately to minimize fatigue. fat sounds nonetheless and the drums had some good sizzle.

tincture 2012-10-14 12:38

Good to know, I'll look into it. I think I may have over-pushed the overall loudness plus there was a hole in the high mids and I pushed them a bit too. Thanks for the feedback!

[Edit] I've made some adjustments and re-upped. Any issues pls let me know, thanks.


scoobyman 2012-10-14 16:46

Sounds smooth. The CV Bork scared me. I thought somebody snuck into my apartment.

tincture 2012-10-14 17:16


Originally Posted by scoobyman (Post 1155511)
Sounds smooth. The CV Bork scared me. I thought somebody snuck into my apartment.

Thanks, the hi-hats sound a bit dodgy listening to the SC file but I think that's a transcoding thing. If you mean the part starting at 2:14 being scary that's not the CV Bork that's some f***ed up shit going on with the Uhbik F; not sure it really suits the song but it's a bit of variety ;) The CV Bork is modulating the Filter freq on the second half of each melody part, hopefully it's subtle enough ?

raymondh 2012-10-16 11:08

Really nice laid back sound Zac.

It sounded great on my system.

I'd be interested in hearing a bit more variation in the bass. Its a nice bassline but I found after a while I tuned out, so maybe take it out altogether for a while and reintroduce it, if you don't want to add a different bassline.

But only a suggestion ... it's a fine piece of music the way it is!


tincture 2012-10-16 12:31

Thanks, Raymond, you're comments are always appreciated. I agree about the bass, I'll see what I can do. I might try a bit of filtering and some drop-outs or replacements. I think one of the weaknesses of the track as a whole is its repetitiveness.

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