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LastAlternative 2012-10-16 01:21

I really wish...
Reason had...
1) more colors to choose from.
2) the ability to color the entire mix channel the color you want.
3) when you labeled one window, that track in the other windows were labeled as well.
4) more Line 6 guitar amps.
5) a good spectrum analyzer device (that combinator patch sucks!)
6) a mono button or some way of checking the mix in mono like other DAWs have.
7) Mclass EQ high shelf only goes up to 12kHz. Why not 20???
8) faster loading of sounds
9) audio quantize
10) smoother time stretch on audio because it clicks and pops when you do it between notes.
11) more in depth tutorials on mixing
12) ability to label racks
13) the ability to delete sounds in the soundbank and in Refills that you will never use... to free up computer space...

I also seriously hope The Propellerhead team actually hears our cries!

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