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TiMbOFLG 2012-10-16 05:31

Authorizer connection troubles? HELP!
So I bought Reason the other day, I installed it on my computer. I have my Ignition Key in and Authorizer acknowledges that its there with there green light on the left. Above that it says, "Server : Could not connect" with a red light to the left. Im not sure how it is not connecting because im on the same computer with the internet sending this. anyone had this problem? HELP

ersuzzi 2012-12-12 20:54

I am having the same problem, did you have any joy sussing this one out

Ostermilk 2012-12-12 21:13

Being as there's 3 or 4 similar threads appearing I'd say it was an outage on the Props side just now.

Try again in awhile.

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