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DuffMcShank 2012-10-17 12:55

Questions regarding Reason Essentials & Full Upgrade

Is it possible to use the Reason 6.5 upgrade pack to upgrade from Reason Essentials 6.0 to Reason Full Release 6.5?

Another question; is it worth it paying for the Balance/Essentials pack + Reason Full upgrade, or is it better to buy reason full directly and another sound card?

Mate 2012-10-17 13:01

Yes, but from Reason Essentials 1, there's no Reason Essentials 6! :)


VillaNDubstep 2012-10-17 13:08

Get a copy of reason 2.5, from ebay, and then buy the balance. As i understand if you have a older version of reason and buy balance you will be eligible for a free upgrade to reason 6/6.5.

Or alternatively, go for a different audio interface and get reason 6.0 separately. It all depends on what the right sound card for you is and what your budget is.

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