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Pat303 2012-10-18 00:46

Competition entry [prog punk!]
Hey peeps, another competition entry. My first ever punk track. It's got swearing in it and everything…

(Seriously, it contains language not safe for work, at home with the family or in the car with grandma).

The competition is nothing grand - it's just the monthly composition challenge over on the Basschat website (where bassists go to talk about slapping, fingering, g-strings, double-thumbing and more).

100% produced in Reason. Bass and vocals are my own.

Comments welcome as always.

Pat303 2012-11-03 12:23

NEWSFLASH: I ended up coming joint first with this track. That's two months in a row now that I've come out on top. Must be going through a lucky spell.

This month has the prize of a custom-made bass for the winner. So guess which month I'm now destined not to win... ;-)

Still, one more minor victory for the Props community. Woot!

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